Tuition and Financial Aid 2018-19

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• Application fee: $50/per child
• Foundation Fee: $400/family, one-time fee paid upon admission or in two installments
• Registration Fee: $540/child per year

OTHER FEES– to be assessed during the school year
• Late Tuition Fee: $20/each late payment and $20/each reprocessing fee
• Assessment Fee: $300 if minimum SCRIP purchase of $4,000 if not met
• Volunteer Fee: $20/hr per volunteer hour if not completed


St. Mary School is committed to making Catholic education affordable to all academically qualified students regardless of financial circumstances. To the extent that our funds permit, financial assistance is available to admitted students whose parents are able to demonstrate financial need, which is determined by a thorough evaluative process beginning with an application through FACTS .   Applications for 2018-19 are due no later than March 15, 2019.

In addition, all students entering private school for the first time may apply for the BASIC Fund. 

Furthermore, families can apply to Family Aid - Catholic Education for the Diocese of Oakland (FACE