st. Mary catholic school ALUMNI

Dear Alumni-                                                                             

We are glad you've taken this opportunity to visit the St. Mary Alumni site. Staying connected through experiences at our school is a simple, but powerful bond that provides the opportunity to reflect on your time, rich tradition and growing community that make St Mary Catholic School unique. 

We are extremely excited about the recently completed work on the St Mary campus, which included the Play Safe Pledge to increase campus security, the installation of full wall interactive-white boards and the new flexible learning furniture acquisitions.

We will be starting our 21st Century Learning Environment Plan - Fund 21st Learning Innovation, which will create learning environments that support student learning in the 21st century. 

We, at St Mary, view our alumni as our strongest advocates, our voices in the community and a reflection of our commitment to our core values of being Lifelong Learners, Independent Thinkers, Globally Aware Citizens, Helpful and Respectful Individuals and Thoughtful Catholic Leaders. 

We’re proud of your success, we value your input and hope you view our Alumni site as another media to stay connected to your classmates, teachers and the St Mary community. Please take a moment to fill out the St. Mary Alumni Survey. Thank you!